Artist Statement

  “I get excited by the natural world & the interior realms – what’s going on inside and underneath the surface of things– biologically, on the cellular level, energetically and in the psyche. The vigorous, expanding energy & dynamic calm found in nature are polar opposites. I like to get this polarity occurring simultaneously in my art work – to impart a feeling of aliveness. Trees, rocks, rivers, sky, clouds, wind, dirt colors and human imprints like fences & houses provide me ample material to jump off from. In my work, expressive, organic form inhabits transient, shifting environments.  Form, line, texture and color are deeply influenced by the natural realm, often expressing themselves without specific identity in abstraction, yet replete with biological, cellular, and figurative elements and references. My work is always propelled by, and saturated with an undercurrent of the energy in transformation & change.  The works are meant to cultivate contemplation, inquiry and the realm of the mysterious." Soña Holman